Just picking up my textbooks for next semester.

I want to mention that this brain scientist (I don’t know if there’s a proper translation from 脳科学者, which spells out brain and scientist) named Kenichirou Mogi (as expected, english wiki doesn’t have much info on him) shared how effective manga is on this Japanese TV show called "The Most Useful School in the World" (世界一受けたい授業).

He said that people reading manga has the content registered into their brain much more effectively (in other words, they read faster and comprehended much more) than those who read text-only books. With such result, some school, at least in Japan, started making textbooks in manga format so that the students can comprehend the materials much easier and faster than the ones with text-only.

The trade-off for this method is that, the readers will lack imagination. Text only books (basically novels) enhances the readers’ imagination skills because they’re imagining the scene that’s described through words. So such manga format is (or at least should) only used for subjects related to math and science.

In addition, a different brain scientist named Toshiyuki Sawaguchi said in this another Japanese TV show called Honma Dekka (there’s no way of translating this), that having comical theme along with information (like some theories in science, latest political news, educational system etc.) can make the listener an easier time registering the information. So by adding some comical themes in manga (which is pretty easy to do compared to just text), the students will have easier time registering the given concepts.

I wanted to add this in before anyone going “WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THESE TEXTBOOKS” kind of thing.

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When Taiga finds himself in times of trouble, brother Tatsu comes to him…

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Baby student council 


Inumuta: Satsuki-sama

Inumuta: I got this data, let’s read it together
Translation: Please play with me

Satsuki: …ok?
Sanageyama: Bwahaha! Dumdum, she’s not gonna play a stupid game like that with you!

Sanageyama: Forget him, play with me, Satsuki-sama! I thinked up a new speshul move!

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